ms vintage bikes in mississippi
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My love for motorcyles began when I was nine years old. I have many memories of looking at all those great bikes in the shops in Jackson, Mississippi and collecting all the bike brochures I could.

I dreamed of riding those dirt bikes and wrote all of the motorcycle companies that I could think of asking for more brochures. The result after a few years was a nice bike brochure collection .

When I was 13 years old, my Dad bought me a used 1973 Honda CL125

which I rode on my home-made motocross track behind our home

Jim Neill with Vintage Motocross Bikes  

in Carroll County.My buddies and I would alternate riding two Honda CB100's, a SL175, and my CL125 around that track for hours day or night.

Later, my Dad bought the only new bike that I owned in my youth. That bike was a 1976 Honda XL125.

At 17 years old I purchased a Honda CR125 Elsinore and I was hooked on motocross bikes. The next few years I owned several dirt bikes, a 1976 Honda CR125, a 1977 Suzuki RM125 and a 370 along with a couple more bikes. However, I left the bikes behind as I headed off to college and then work, but they were not forgotten. You never forget how those two-stroke bikes smell with Bel-Ray premix coming out the exhaust!

Now twenty years later, I have managed to collect just about every 70's Era bike that I can remember dreaming about.©2007